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    Hi all,

    I wouldn't normally post in here as I have the 920. However, a friend of mine bought an 800 recently and was telling me her battery drained mega rapidly. She is a bit of a technophobe and says she had not updated it. I seem to remember reading that early on the 800 did have an issue with the battery but an update fixed it.

    She is a great person, but has no idea what she is doing. She asked for my help, but I am not up on the 800. So I have a few questions. She is in UK, not sure which carrier, but it is pay as you go.

    1- are updates available via WiFi? Or does she have to connect to a PC?

    2- is the latest 7.8 update stable and safe to use?

    3- if I look at her firmware, what is the correct number for pre 7.8? I want to see if she even has 7.5 installed.

    4- is the battery sapping issue fixed?
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    I'll try and help.....

    1) Nope, must be connected to a PC.

    2) It is in my case, but YMMV. There are ways to downgrade, but theyre a bit tricky.

    3) To answer this one, ill need to know:

    a) What variant does she have (RM801 or RM 819)
    b) What network does she use / is it on
    c) What is the product code (look on the sticker under the battery - youll see a code similar to 059Q0L1)

    As far as I can tell, the 7.5 version is 1750.805.8779.12221. The 7.8 version is 1750.823.8858.12460

    Digging a bit deeper, I reckon she has an RM-801. The 7.8 update available is for CV (Country Variant - unbranded) EE / TMob / Orange / Three 3

    Hope this helps. Let me know the variant and product code and ill help further. Please note I dont need the IMEI.
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    So down she need any particular software?

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