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    Recently I realized that dev unlocking your phone is actually quite easy:P...I've been reading a lot about it and thought that we should list out all the cool homebrew apps out there that only require developer unlocked phones to run..so here's two of them:

    BlueManager by Navisluni

    Screen capturer v3

    (if there already is a similar thread then sorry for reposting)
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    Nice idea for a thread, even though I'm running a fully unlocked phone now. Anyway, here's a few that I would recommend:

    Battery Status - I've seen screenshots of some battery apps for WP8, and it looks like they're basically clones of this app. Let you pin a tile to show the battery percentage (with an option to update every 10 minutes, something not allowed in "official" store apps). Also has a cool logging feature that lets you view a chart of your battery drainage over time.
    [APP] Battery Status (v4.6.1.1) - Telerik controls, icon sets, globalization and more - xda-developers

    Supreme Shortcuts - similar to those apps that let you pin wifi and airplane mode settings to start, except that there are a LOT more options for shortcuts that you can pin.
    [APP] Supreme Shortcuts - 2012-01-05 - Version 2.2.3 - French Language Fix + more - xda-developers
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    Folders by jaxbot also works on dev unlocked phones but some features require full unlock
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    Another one from jaxbot that I forgot about is Orientation Lock. It lets you pin a quick toggle tile, so you can tap the tile to lock orientation, tap again to unlock. It works great.
    Orientation Lock Release - Windows Phone Hacker
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    1, I like Power status's graph, One can easily compare power drain per 24hr for the 7 days on the same plain - Application done by Tolor
    2, for the Live tile I prefer Battery's live tile, the changing colours (Their graph is not yet out) - Application done by Enless Soft Ltd.
    3, Zapi Battery has a History table i like, plus the Lock screen status of the battery -- Application done by Zapi
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    cmon people...hoped for a better response..
    heres another one
    TouchWake by WindowsPhoneHacker ....it lets you use the capictive buttons to wake up your device..pretty cool
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    Sounds great but... Can any of u point me as to where can i find a tutorial on unlocking my lumia 920? Thanks
  8. soumitro316's Avatar

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    As far as I know it's not possible...nothing for WP8 yet

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