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    Any suggestions from the community as far as great sound / note recording apps? Currently I use The Listener (I think it was pulled from the marketplace) and One Note. Any suggestions?
  2. david90531's Avatar

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    I use Pocket Recorder the most. It's revamped recently and everything works great. I also enjoy Ultimate Recorder and a recent discovery Recorder Pro
  3. Blackwood504's Avatar

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    i'm trying pocket recorder now, is there a way to export your recordings to your computer? Uploading to skydrive only allows 15 min recordings I think.
    Never mind lol...found out how.
  4. WhippedKream's Avatar

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    Mini recorder is such a memory saver compared to pocket recorder and it has dropbox and SkyDrive upload! It's quite awesome

    Edit: I don't know if it's WP8 only or not by the way :S but check it out
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