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    I am looking forward to NFC and the wallet experience in WP8. I have a question that I hope someone on here can help me with. If I am a Sprint customer (don't use SIMs) how will using a secure SIM work on Sprint or Verizon network?? Microsoft is opting to save info on the SIM instead of on the phone.
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    Not sure about Sprint offhand, but on Verizon, I'm sure all new WP8 devices will be LTE and LTE uses a SIM card similar to GSM (LTE is next-gen GSM).

    4G SIM Information
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    im thinking 3 things.

    1. you wont have access to does features.
    2. Is your carrier planing on updating to HSPA or LTE?

    3. they have a workaround for CDMA phones. ( witch i wouldn't be surprised considering the ASIAN market = MOSTLY CDMA ) and CDMA phones are more secured then SIM phoens as well as they are easy to block.

    kinda hard to tell right now with lack of information from MS/carriers
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    A lot of Asian CDMA phones have a SIM type card so they can change carriers. (China is a prime example here)

    I am still real hesitant on using NFC. :D
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