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View Poll Results: What OEM in your experience makes phones with better call quality?

17. You may not vote on this poll
  • Nokia

    15 88.24%
  • HTC

    2 11.76%
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    I've used both HTC and Nokia for quite a long time now and since it is nearly that time of the year when I "want" a new phone even though I don't need it, I am torn in two minds. I don't want to get a phone just based on how I've experienced it.

    This thread might really benefit from input of user who have used both Nokia and HTC phones simultaneously or one after other on same network operator.

    Have you found call quality of one OEM superior than another?

    I have noticed Nokia has been always better for me even with Symbian phones, but I've only own two HTCs (Sensation XL and Titan) so am not sure if the 'muffled voice' is trademark HTC. I have been blaming it on my network operator. Having swapped my operators 3 times (I'm on pay as you go) I have not seen any improvement.

    So the question:
    In your experience what OEM makes handsets with better call quality? After all I want a phone and then some.
  2. Xsever's Avatar

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    Nokia makes the best phones in terms of radio, call quality, reception, etc... That is a known fact that distinguished them throughout the years.
  3. Dave Blake's Avatar
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    In my life I have had many HTC devices I would call them my go to device manufacturer. That said I had the OG Titan it had the bad call quality issue it is/was the only HTC device I have ever owned with this issue. My L900 is my favorite device in WP but I think the Titan II is a better device. I wont vote in your poll because I think both manufacturers make devices with excellent call quality. The OG Titan is the one standout I think HTC failed on this device it is still upsetting to me that HTC left this device on the table without fixing it. I will take this in to consideration when I purchase my WP8 device.
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    I don't have the "muffled voice" on my HD7, but it does suffer from clipping, echoes, and low maximum call volume. Even on hands-free I sometimes have difficulty hearing the person on the other end. I haven't used a Nokia smartphone to make a call yet (the HD7 was my first smart device) but I have had nokias going way back, and they've always been the best of their generation. (analog sucks, period, but my Nokia was better that my Ericsson and Motorola of the same era) Also, my HD7 suffers from typically weaker reception than my wife's LG Android device on the same network. Not good. As far as it being a PHONE first, I think Nokia just flat out does it better.
  5. EvilFiek's Avatar

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    I've had a HD7, Omnia 7 and L800 and out of those, the Lumia had the best call quality, followed by the Omnia 7. But in my mind the HD7 had a lot of flaws that were probably fixed when the two Titans came out. (The camera was also beyond awful, for example)
  6. CDG
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    I had the Vivid just prior to the 900. The reception is far better on the Nokia. I get reception in places I never did before. The WiFi connectivity was sometimes a problem on the HTC.

    Sent from my Lumia 900 using Board Express
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    Dave, even HTC Sensation XL that I have has the same call quality issue. They've been back and forth on me with repairs, but everytime they put the updated OS and send back (or so it feels).

    Since you guys say the other older HTC phones have been good in call quality, I am taking it has something to do with recent hardware?

    Am I right in guessing that it is generally radios that also play some sort of role in call quality? Or is it generally mic and speakers business?

    Radio wise I've heart that Nokia radios do act quite sturdy in terms of getting reception like others have mentioned, true?
  8. Reflexx's Avatar

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    My Titan is the worst "phone" I've ever owned. Good at other things. But sucks as a phone.
  9. scottcraft's Avatar
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    I currently have two phones, the HTC Trophy and the HTC Rezound. The Trophy is horrible for reception. I've had several warranty replacements due to various issues and every single one of them is horrible. This is call reception and data reception. The Rezound does very well. I rarely have a problem picking up a signal. I can't compare HTC to Nokia, but I find it quite interesting that HTC has such a wide variation in their phones reception.
  10. #10  
    Nokia work wonders in my experience. Dropped calls are nearly non-existent unless you get into really bad zones. HTC on the other hand, not so much.
  11. VagrantWade's Avatar

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    htc sound quality issues - Bing

    Just for some examples.
  12. #12  
    I've been an HTC guy exclusively since my first phone 6 years ago, and HTC sucks for phone calls. All of my Windows Mobile phones had a problem with volume being too low, and when I moved to the EVO it was garbled all the time. These were always fixable by some setting hacks, but it was always an issue. On the Arrive it was easy to cover the microphone hole with my finger, and with the TITAN, I constantly get the "I can't hear you in the tunnel" effect.

    Nokia, at least, has a long history of making quality phones for that purpose.
  13. brmiller1976's Avatar

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    My Radar does fine, but again, questions about these devices' key characteristics are premature. Neither had shipped, and for all you know, they may not even allow phone calls. :D

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