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    When the L920 goes on pre order I plan on getting one. Now I have the L900, when I get the L920 can I just pop out my sim card and put it into the L920 and be good to go or do I still need to go to AT&T and have it activated?
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    I don't see anything changing much there. You should be able.to just move the sim to your new 920.
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    Other than maybe upgrading to a secure sim for wallet features, it should work fine.

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  4. Guitarpik's Avatar

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    Ahhh no nano sim for the 920??
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    CNET says micro sum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guitarpik View Post
    Ahhh no nano sim for the 920??
    That's just getting too small for me. I have a hard enough time with a micro SIM and big hands. :D
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    I was only hoping for nano sim so I could trade phones for like a week with my girlfriend who has an i5. I've been trying to get her off that pos for a while now.
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    For what it's worth, aside from inconvenience, it is free to go into the AT&T store and have them issue a new SIM and activate the new phone. I didn't bother asking if I could have left my old SIM active so that I could switch between standard/nano SIM phones as needed, but it would have been nice.

    I agree the nano SIM is stupid. The micro SIM is already too small.
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