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    One of the nice things about Windows 8 is native PDF support using the Reader app (though it badly needs a hand tool). It's pretty basic but it would be a good fit on Window Phone 8. I'd much prefer to use it than the slow, clunky, updated once every 2 years Adobe Reader app.

    So, is there a native or Microsoft-published PDF reader for WP8? Or can Office Mobile open/convert PDFs like Office 2013?
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    I think there is this time. Yep, there is. The WPcentral review doesnt seem to mention it so here is an in-depth review for pocketnow. http://pocketnow.com/2012/10/29/windows-phone-8-review
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    It was also mentioned in one of the video demos Daniel did for his 920 to show us some of the new apps.

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