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    Does anyone have issues with web sites giving you simple/basic versions of web sites on IE10 whereas you would get a more fully featured site on iPhone or Android? I was playing around with the WP8 emulator and google sites (i.e. google search, docs, images, gmail) look terrible with no dynamic elements, just basic html, whereas on iPhone it is much better.

    I have a feeling this would extend to a great many other sites, crippling the web browsing experience.

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    Yes, it's the fault of those sites for not bothering to recognise IE as a smartphone browser. Basically, go write to Google and tell them to stop being dicks.
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    This would we such a simple fix. Google is doing it on purpose, many others out of ignorance or lazyness.
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    Set IE to desktop mode. This solves the problem on WP7.5 (N900 with LTE), and it should work even better on WP8 with the extra RAM and CPU horsepower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mparker View Post
    Set IE to desktop mode. This solves the problem on WP7.5 (N900 with LTE), and it should work even better on WP8 with the extra RAM and CPU horsepower.
    Nope. Still pathetic compared to a webkit based mobile browser.
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    Webkit is very vulnerable. This is why we're the only secure OS.
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    In many ways, just be glad it isn't based on Webkit. Security being one of them.
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    It will change as web app devs start building apps properly by checking browser capabilities vs user agents. Things like modernizr make this even easier - and responsive web design has started to pick up steam.
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    Tell developers to stop designing websites for WebKit only. According to this article, it only takes a few extra lines of code to support other browsers.

    WebKit Isn't Breaking the Web. You Are | Webmonkey | Wired.com
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