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    I do not have internet sharing (wont pay for it). I have a zip file in my email that I need to get on my computer as I am working somewhere with no WiFi access.
    I see no way to save the file to anywhere on my phone that I can access when I connect phone to computer. The only folders shown when connected are Docs, Music, Ringtones, Videos.

    It would be nice to be able to save email files of any type to a personal folder you can use for storage
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    Any thoughts?
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    I've been harping on this for a while. It amazes me hoe this is such a non issue to Microsoft. I get videos all the time. I want to save it directly from that email. Not some round about sky drive way. Makes no sense to me. In other words its not possible.

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    My gut tells me MS doesn't want to allow some sort of unpacked file to screw up the system (virus, etc.) Apple is the same way.
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    Try looking into an application called dropbox. I was able to unzip files there. Don't know about transferring the file after that since I don't get my Nokia until tomorrow XD
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    what about mp3 files? how the **** are you supposed to save attachments and where do they get saved to?
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    I do have the same "problem" with the phone.
    I will use my PC and sync the MP3 to the phone but I start to understand why people like Android.
    There should by a "door" to enable fancy functions on the phone, same as Windows 8 on a PC.
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    This is one of the few things holding me back from getting WP8. I've been able to save a file on my phone for almost 10 years. Why can't I do it now?
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    Please post in this thread for any desired improvements to WP8. This thread is closed


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