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    My mother is the average smartphone user. She can install apps, call people, etc. She had an Android (One of those old ones, dart or something), then she saw a few windows phone ads. She told me she wanted one of those phones like the one I had. I didn't try to convince her or anything, the ads sold her.

    Great to see WP finally catching on to the average user...
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    My mother wanted one when she saw and ad for a 900, in pink.

    She was sold instantly.
    -Chances are, I'm guessing.
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    My sister doesn't really know tech, I just hook her up with things when I find sales and she pays her part of the cell phone bill like a sheep, haha.

    But, I told her yesterday that since I was getting jacked around with my Yellow 920, I was going to get her an early upgrade and I sent her a pic of the 5 different colors and told her to choose.

    She popped back "Are those the new Windows Phone 920? I saw a commercial for that, it is supposed to have a great camera and wireless charging!!! I want one! I want red!"

    She has an HTC Titan right now and probably couldn't tell you the MP of the camera, so not new/scared of Windows Phone, but I was surprised to hear her know features of the phone.
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    ^ The celeb ads probably had something to do with her interest in them.
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    IKR? I had 10 people saying "that's a cool Windows phone. I think it's those Stylish phones HTC's making"
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