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    Okay so i haven't received any chat notifications with the new Skype app at all. Today i decided to create a 2nd account and do some tests with myself.
    I found on a Skype forum that the WP8 app notifications won't work with old versions of the desktop app you always appear offline if you aren't in the WP8 app.
    Once I downloaded the updated desktop app I suddenly stayed logged in when I left the app on my phone (by either start or back button)
    Now that i appear online from the desktop I send myself a message and then my contact card flickers between online/offline then the message shows as sent and i get no notification on my phone.
    I also tried calling myself from my PC and while that seems to work every time it took a very long time for the call to get to my phone.

    Has anyone had this problem and been able to figure it out, or am I just the only one not living in a background notification wonderland?
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    It is still a preview version (not complete) so it is a known issue it doesn't fully function in the background yet. Have to wait for another update to allow this.
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    I know that it's still a beta and I'm not really upset that I'm having problems but i also know that some people were getting background notifications as lamented by Kevin Michaluk in his post about not being able to log out. I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem as me and was able to fix it.
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    I have similar issues... sometimes background notifications work, sometimes they don't.

    I also seem to have to restart the Skype App after rebooting the phone and close it out before getting any calls.

    I actually have two Lumia 920s with different Skype accounts I have been testing with (one is my mother's I am setting up for her). Results from the beta are definitely mixed so far. Much better than the WP7 app, but not very reliable and pretty scatter-shot as to whether you get notifications and incoming calls.

    I'm really hoping they will clean this up and truly deliver on the promised experience. I personally don't care about being online all the time. But I do really need reliability, and this is one of the reasons I jumped on the WP8 bandwagon early (and paid an etf to do so).
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    I got a few notifications tonight so that's better than nothing. I just hope that MS has really made WP8 a top priority this time because the more people start to learn of Windows Phone the less forgiving they will be for problems with services.

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