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    Hi everybody. I have a quick question about receiving text messages while listening to a song over Bluetooth:

    When I receive a text message, the song stops playing and a voice announces something along the lines of "Incoming text from <random person>, say reply or ignore". If I unlock the phone to view the message while the voice is announcing the incoming message, the music begins playing again out of the phone speakers. This has caught me by surprise in the middle of a workday a couple of times, and it's a little embarrassing having my music suddenly blare for everyone to hear. If I say 'ignore', the music will resume through my headphones. If I ignore the notifications altogether by not saying anything, the music will eventually resume through my headphones.


    Is this normal? Is there a way to turn off these 'voice notifications' for every single text message that I receive? They are a little annoying for when I'm texting back and forth with somebody.

    Bluetooth Headphones: Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800
    Phone: Nokia Lumia 920


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    Yes, it's normal. You can go to Settings -> Speech and change "Read aloud incoming text messages" to whatever you want.
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    This works on WP7.5, so I'm hoping it'll work on WP8 as well. There's two ways to do this -
    To temporarily turn it off, set your phone on silent/vibrate. This way, music will still play but toast notifications (like SMS text, etc.) won't interrupt your music.
    To permanently turn if off, go to Settings > Speech, and turn off Audio Confirmations (towards the bottom of the page).

    Hope this helps!
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    Perfect! Thanks for that - it always seems to be in the last place I look.

    Is it a bug when the resuming music drops from my Bluetooth headphones and is played through the phone speakers when I unlock the phone during a notification? That doesn't seem like it should ever happen...

    Thanks again.
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    It could be a bug with WP or a problem with the way your Bluetooth device works (or the way WP works with your Bluetooth device). I had a headset one time that would always crash the audio stack on my Arrive and I couldn't hear any sound until I rebooted. Using my 900 and my 920, I keep my notifications on all the time, use a Bose Soundlink, and everything works very well together - but I use it in a hands-free mode. It'll announce the text, read it to me, I can respond, and music starts playing again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen Cpt Jack View Post
    Yes, it's normal. You can go to Settings -> Speech and change "Read aloud incoming text messages" to whatever you want.
    oh my god i love you
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    Oh my god I love that you know how to do this for WP8. HUGE question.... does anyone know how to turn it off for WP10?!!
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    That's exactly what I was going to say as well ....
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    Yep, was annoying the hell out of me. So I went back to Microsoft store where I got my Lumia 950XL. The setting is under Cortana settings for windows phone 10. Go to Cortana, then select the drop down on top left, then choose Notebook, then settings, scroll down and set text messages to be read aloud on wired, Bluetooth or off.

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