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    Is there a way to mirror your Lumia 920 screen, connect to a monitor, LCD projector, or TV?
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    I was wondering the same thing. I realize the Play To app isn't available for the 920 until 2013, but even when it does become available, what adapters are out there to hook into a TV that doesn't have DLNA support? Samsung and HTC make adapters to mirror screens from their own phones, but to my knowledge, these adapters do not work with other brands. Just to be clear, I am NOT looking for a microUSB-to-HDMI wired connection. I am looking for an adapter that will display the content wirelessly. Surely there must be SOMETHING out there.

    How did Lumia 900 owners do this?
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    Will the Play To app work at a system level or is it just a standalone media player with DLNA support? If the later is the case I don't think there would be any mirroring.

    I miss apple airplay :(.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky C View Post
    Is there a way to mirror your Lumia 920 screen, connect to a monitor, LCD projector, or TV?
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    Dlna, if your tv isnt't connected to your lan you have to connect it in any way: Cable or Wi-Fi.

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