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    It is very irritating that to exit standby mode requires to press power button.
    Power button is very hard to find by touch, it is in middle of right edge on the lumia 820 so takes longer as I slide my finger from the top of phone to find it . Also I don't have good grip when I am pressing middle button. Also button is pretty flat.
    Why not enable pressing any button to exit out of standby especially volume keys which is most convenient to press. It is protected by Lock screen so it will protect accidental presses.
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    The lock screen also eats up battery, just by lighting up the screen. Using the power button only provides maximum battery saving (leaving aside background tasks, email push, etc).
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    Seriously, complaining about a feature that is exactly the same on 98% of all touch screen phones? Troll fail.
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    Yeah, I'm more ticked that you have to press the power button to turn the phone on. That little power button is a b*tch to press. How can iOS and Android turn on without a power butt...


    ...all of them?

    Please disregard this post.

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    left handed? (im right handed so my thumb rests on the power button when I pick it up...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nataku4ca View Post
    left handed? (im right handed so my thumb rests on the power button when I pick it up...)
    I'm right handed, but I keep it on my belt on the left, so I grab it with my middle finger right on the button, no problem. ;)

    I thought it would be a pain, as I'm coming from a Trophy, but I like it better where it is. With Trophy, I took it out of the case with my left hand and pressed the button with my right. With this, it's one hand.

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