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    New to the WP community! I've been lurking the forums and reading up on great threads.

    My upgrade just came up with Verizon and I currently have the HTC Thunderbolt. I'm not a fan of the iPhone (way too small even with the new screen size) and I have no ill feelings toward Android. It's allowed me to load ROMS onto the phone and mess with it more than I ever really wanted to.

    I started researching WP8 and after watching tons of videos, reading lots of articles, and playing with the phone in store I'm definitely sold on it. I could care less about how big Microsoft's app store is currently (it will eventually build out). The only apps I ever use is Facebook, Pandora, Spotify, Gmail, and United's app. I know Spotify and Pandora are in development so i have no problem waiting for those. I have read that Xbox Music is really really good though so I can switch applications if it's better than Spotify or Pandora. Other than those apps all I really use my phone for is texting, e-mails, calls, browsing the web and that's about it.

    From what I can tell the new WP8 is very slick, smooth, and effortless to move around in the UI. I'm a software developer where front-end development is a big part of what I do so I recognize a good interface when I see one!

    My eye has been on the HTC 8x but I've been reading up on the Samsung WP8 coming out soon on Verizon. I have some concerns about the Samsung WP8 device if it's based off off the GS3 since I think it feels very "plastic" like and just not very crazy on how it looks.

    Should I go ahead and pickup the 8x, wait for the Samsung WP8 device to come out, or even wait till MWC to see what's coming down the pipe? I don't HAVE to switch phones but the Thunderbolt is getting pretty old on me.
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    It sounds like you are the type of person that would like WP. If you can get your hands on one of the Sammy devices I would probably recommend it over the 8X. I owned a Sammy Focus and it was a great phone.

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