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    New to windows phone. I've had my 920 for about two weeks now and I load my MP3 collection on my phone to listen to directly.

    So I just dragged and dropped using windows explorer.

    My metadata tags are pretty neat and tidy, I maintain them with mp3tag and it does a great job!

    But my windows phone decided that EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL SONG had it's very own album. So now I have 4821 songs loaded, and 4821 albums too. My album names are very clean, all matching case and no trailing spaces.

    So now if I ever want to play an album, it will only play one song.

    Did I do something totally wrong? Does it not pick up albums if you drag and drop using Explorer? I'm confused as ****.
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    Not sure if your particular issue has been addressed in Holy crap, syncing with WP8 is a trainwreck. but you might try perusing there for some tips.
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    yeah blackberry does this as well if you don't use play lists
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    Quote Originally Posted by Villain View Post
    yeah blackberry does this as well if you don't use play lists
    BB doesn't do this infact it keeps them intact. I have 219 songs and it only shows 44 Albums.

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