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    Hey Everyone, I was just wondering if anybody is having the same issue

    Within the photos app or even me hub, If a Facebook album has more than 100 pictures, it will not load past 100. You can not see them and it says can not load image. If you get a like or a comment one of your own pictures, you get the notification but when clicking it you can not see the picture. Does anybody else facing this aswell?

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  2. hafeezpunjani's Avatar

    10 Posts
  3. luetchyboy's Avatar

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    Same here, but I would suspect it is a limitation of the Facebook app rather than phone specific.
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    It's like that on every device and facebook app known to man. You are lucky to get past 50 on the Blackberry Playbook.
  5. Kelvin Li's Avatar

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    Does anyone with an android or ios device confirm this?
  6. robsmithuk's Avatar

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    Not an issue on iPad or iPhone, but seems to be on windows phone: me tile, people tile, Facebook app, iexplore Facebook no matter if I use full site, mobile or touch pages. Basically anything on my windows phone.

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