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    For the past 2 days, every song from Xbox Music gives me a "media usage rights" error when trying to play it. When I try to play a song that wasn't downloaded through Xbox Music, I get a file playback error.

    If I try to play a song from a file in my Skydrive, I get a playback error too.

    I deleted my phone from my Xbox Music Device list tied to my account, and now the Xbox Music hub is configured as if I didn't have a music pass. I keep seeing advertisements to try the Music Pass free trial.

    I've restarted my phone numerous times and nothing changes. I no longer have the option to download music from the store. And there is no way to manually sync Xbox Music accounts.

    Has anyone had a problem like this before? I can't find any problems on Google that are similar to mine. I did absolutely nothing but charge my phone between the time music was last working to the time I started getting DRM issues.
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    Did you change your password recently? I changed mine and Xbox music pass wouldn't work for me (I updated the info on synced accounts)
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    Sync your phone to your PC while signed in and it will start working again. Had this happen a few times.

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