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    Hi Guys, i recently purchased my Nokia 920. When i was creating all my accounts i logged into the Xbox Games account using an incorrect email address. Now i can't log out of it and switch to my xbox live email address. I'm using a hotmail address on the phone and Live email address for my Xbox. Is there a way i can logout of the hotmail and login with the correct email address. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I did the same thing - Youve got two choices - either change the email address for your xbox live ID to your hotmail - or reset your phone and put the Live address in first and add your hotmail as a linked account.
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    The first Microsoft account you login with on the phone will be the primary account and cannot be changed to my knowledge without a hard reset. So whichever account you want to use the market, show xbox profile etc should be the first one you setup. If you have other outlook/live/hotmail email addresses just for email/calendar stuff, set those up after.
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    I would wipe and restart if you just got the phone. It's a PITA to change emails associated with Xbox Live. You need to log onto an Xbox 360 and change it under the dashhboard.

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