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    Just got an invite to use this service today, only to find out that I can't because I'm a windows phone user. Anybody up for flooding their chat box with requests for windows phone support?

    If so, head over to their site: http://moviepass.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click on the "+" where it says "Questions or Feedback?" to start chatting.

    Also, send them an email at: support@moviepass.com
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    Flooding now.
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    Will this work on Windows Phone?Kelly: Hi Kevin. This only works on iPhones and Androids at this time.
    →Are there any plans for a WP app in the future?
    Kelly: At this time, there is not. However, that may change in the future.
    →Ok, well you've lost quite a few customers until that changes. (I'm a WPCentral Developer, there's a thread about this there, basically saying flood the chat/email until we get support).
    Kelly: That is true. We are taking all of the feedback and looking into making changes.
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    Very strange

    Here's what my chat was with moviepass, Since theie website states that an android phone with GPS.
    so is windows phone with GPS.
    Some kelly,from movie pass

    Kelly:No a windows phone is not a supported device at this time.
    ME:but it is GPS enabled, if that all it needs
    because there is no Android app as well , but are they GPS enabled?
    so how do i do with Android phone?
    u there?
    Kelly:ndroid users can use the service by visiting www.moviepass.com <http://www.moviepass.com> on their mobile browser. Android app is coming soon!

    i wonder if this will also work with windows phone, because for android they are re-directing to website...
    Any thoughts?
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    Not trying to bump an old thread, but the mobile site never worked on my HTC Trophy, but it works wonders on my HTC 8X and Lumia 928. Just connects to the GPS to book the tickets.

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