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  1. jodi1813's Avatar

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    I can't send ANY picture messages from my new 822. Any suggestions? Doesn't matter if wifi is on or not
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    Have you tried toggling airplane mode off then on or rebooting to reset the data connection?
  3. E Lizzle's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by jodi1813 View Post
    I can't send ANY picture messages from my new 822. Any suggestions? Doesn't matter if wifi is on or not
    Restart it. You'll only have to do this once.
  4. WPmunkey's Avatar

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    Airplane mode toggle worked for me today
  5. spokanedj's Avatar

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    We had four Lumia 920s sitting in the Living Room with 4-5 Bars of AT&T in my house (tower is less than half mile away, great signal/service). Two were sending MMS fine, two were not. One worked after switching Wi-Fi off. Rebooted both and they are now fine.

    As a side note, the two that were having issues are my two kids that had turned Battery Saving to always on. In another thread I noticed someone saying that Battery Saving is affecting their Wi-Fi switching and forcing cellular. This might be an edge case bug with some combination of data selection. MMS DOES require a cellular data connection and service, unlike SMS which doesn't. This would also support why turning off Wi-Fi works for some scenarios.
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    Tmo told me to MMS a picture to myself to reset the connection to the service...which somehow actually worked.
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    I just tried the send photo to myself and it did not work either.
    I have the LG Squantum C900.
    I have tried many suggestions on several boards, and also tried with my provider, consumer cellular.
    Now luck.
    I like the phone but sending mms is important.
    Why have a camera if I can't sent photos.
    A. L.
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    I tried this too and no luck
  9. James Maliki's Avatar

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    So I think I figured out a solution.

    I bought a Nokia Lumia 925 on release date for both my brother and myself. Before testing out the texting features I had been playing with all the setting because the Windows Phone 8 OS was just so brand new and cool to me. After a while, I did try to send my brother a picture message but it could not send it at all. I was looking everywhere and then I noticed on my Phone Live Tile it said WiFi Calling. Turned off my WiFi Calling and was able to send the message. I then asked my brother if he was able to send picture messages with WiFi Calling on, he could. I couldn't figure out what the problem was.

    But just a few minutes ago I was trying it again and it did not work with my WiFi Calling (WiFi Preferred) on. So I went back into my settings to see if I could play with something that might help it. That's when I found at lease what worked out for me.

    Under the Mobile Network setting, at the bottom of the screen is a tab for "For limited WiFi Connectivity." I had previously had it set to "don't use mobile data," this morning though, I changed it to "use mobile data" and tested it by sending a picture to my brother. And it worked. For whatever reason, I suppose you are supposed to tell the phone to go through mobile data when the WIFi is not good enough.
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  10. eddie phelps's Avatar

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    I've had same issue ( I'm in U.K.) for 4 ( yes 4! ) years. I had a Lumia now have a Samsung Ativ S and found through no help from my provider ( Virgin Mobile) I cannot send MMS whist my WiFi is turned on. There doesn't seem to be a way around it apart from when you receive a MMS before you open it,turn off your WiFi. It seems to work ok then. I hope this is helpful,I know of no other way to rectify it. Good luck. P.S. This is my first post so hope it's a bit helpful.
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