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    I just got my Windows Phone 8 today and was wondering if there's a replacement for the Zune software or do you just drag and drop files onto the phone when it's connected?
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    it's not a perfect solution (some might say pathetic). But this will allow you to transfer music, video and other files.

    There is also a desktop version.

    Many suggest to use other third party software for music libraries. E.g. MediaMonkey, Windows Media Player and some other. I myself tried MediaMonkey and WMP, both of which can sync albums to the phone.
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    Thanks! I appreciate the help and found out that it was installed already on my computer but didn't notice it because there was no message about it when I connected my phone. Again thanks for the help.
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    I'm extremely happy that the old school Musicmatch Jukebox that I've had for like 8 years (I love the UI), and been out of circulation for like 7 of those, works. Loving it!! This is the program, not app, I use to play music on my PC on a regular. 🙌
    From the CO and my 8X

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