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    Just made the switch from Android to WP8 and so far I am very happy. I am having one issue with my google calendar. My husband and I use a Gmail calendar. He has a gmail account and so do I and the calendar is shared between us so we can both update it and see everything. I am able to sync my gmail account with my phone and see the things I add to the calendar without any issue. But I can't see what he is adding from his gmail account on my phone. They are in my gmail calendar if I look at it on the desktop, but his entries aren't syncing to my phone.
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    As long as he is adding/editing events that are in your main/default calendar you should see them. If he adds them to another calendar then you won't see them. For example, I have my main calendar called home. Then I have another calendar called work. If I shared my work calendar with someone and they added events I would not see them on my windows phone. For whatever reason it will only sync that main/default calendar. Hope that helps.
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    You need to do this...

    Multiple Google calendars in Mango [How to] | Windows Phone Central

    If you cannot see the shared calendars when doing this, change the URL from "&supportMultiCalendars=false" to "&supportMultiCalendars=true" when the page loads.

    Works for the Windows 8 calendar as well. Might have to disable calendar sync for Gmail account in WP8 after doing this, then re-enable calendar sync to see the switch to turn on the particular calendar in the calendar app.
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    Worked like a charm. Thanks!
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    I tried this option but when I go into 'User Agents'....all of the options are still light grey and don't allow me to click on them.

    Any other suggestions?

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