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    I know there is the epic fail #2 thread that got locked but that was mostly cause it got too personal :)

    But there is a real problem with WYSIWYG editors in general. The few sites I use that provide this for commenting has the symptom where they keyboard just keeps disappearing. I know one of my sites on Drupal 6 with CKEditor I can't post anything.... grrr.
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    so one of my sites has an option right in the typing area to switch to 'plain text mode' and this helps me use my phone to do posts.

    In settings on this site, I found basic text editor but it doesn't seem to help. Nobody else posting from their phones with IE?
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    I wonder if this is similar to an issue I am having posting to some forums. The quick reply at the bottom, if you click on it the keyboard pops up and goes back down immediately.
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    same behaviour, so frustrating cause then I can't post on a lot of forums. Sometimes I get it to stick on this forum by going to advanced and rotating it but mostly times no...
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    Hey, today I can post my last couple messages from the phone IE browser!!

    it seems a bit buggy but it works! If it's someone at wpcentral who did something, thank you!!
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    Wow, I've been having this very frustrating problem as well, but today it's working! (posting from my Nokia Lumia 920!)

    I'll be very happy if it STAYS working...
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    Just went and checked this other vBulletin based forum site that I frequent to see if the problem was still there.. and guess what... the problem is still there.... :(

    Keyboard pops up and immediately goes away before I can type anything... Uggghh
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    If you are having this issue on this site go to your IE settings change to desktop view and refresh the page. Problem solved.
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    Well I have the same problem with my 820, my keyboard still disappears on this forum in IE no matter what I try :( it also happens in other websites I use, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this ?
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    I've still been having this problem. Mostly here on wpcentral. Doesn't matter what I have my setting at (desktop or mobile IE). Found a workaround though; in the reply box, click on "go to advanced" in the lower right corner, then click on the subject/header of the post first.. Which will bring up the keyboard and have it stay up, then with the keyboard still up, tap on the "body" section and type away!
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    ^^^Posted with my Stormtrooper Nokia Lumia 920 BTW! :D
  12. anthonyng's Avatar

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    hope that method keeps working for you :D I thought it was the solution and it worked only one night and after no more.

    However, I'm sitll ok posting from IE10 on my lumia 920... Not sure why and I won't dare change anything in IE in order not to break it :D May have been clearing files/history or something.
  13. nlm
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    "Go Advanced" works but sometimes if I stop typing or tap elsewhere on the screen the keyboard disappears. This leaves me with a half completed post that I can't complete. Even more frustrating!

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