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    Sorry for the wording, but MS just did something real stupid. They have linked each country store to languages, but forgot to keep English as an option for every such country store. As a result, here in Switzerland if you use 'English' as a phone language, the Nokia or HTC apps disappear from the store!
    You have to switch to a local language, to find these or to get system updates!
    That is counter productive!
    Europeans live all over Europe, speak many different languages, prefer to set their phones in their mother tongue.
    MS needs to fix that ASAP!
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    Really? If im getting you describe, its a welcome change for me, although i can see why that would suck for you. I was so tired of scrolling thru asian language apps
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    In any case... MS fixed it yesterday after I posted here.
    I understand about your concerns about Chinese... But the point is that all the system / exclusive apps (Nokia, HTC, Samsung) must be visible in the language the customer selected, this for the phone to work. I use English for all my I.T. Stuff. In Europe people from different nations live all over the place... Hungarians in Spain, French in the UK etc. etc.
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    It seems fixed yes :) But I still don't have a Nokia Collections, but if I search for Nokia I do find all their apps.

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