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  • 2 Post By rockstarzzz
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    Anyone getting "media content in this message" text messages, which contain no real text or media? Looks like some sort of spam, but I'm not sure if it's a bug.

    Contains URL to "Get media content now (2kb)", which does nothing than play the new text message sound again.
  2. bryan_05's Avatar

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    I had this happen a few days ago. Some strange combination of events lead me back into the message and the dreaded 'expand this message' text was there - I had a picture.
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    I've been getting these from people with iPhones
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    Is your cellular data off? Enable your data and try clicking the link again
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    It happens when the person tries to send you a MMS, and they have a ****ty connection.
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    It is a MMS. Check your MMS APN settings if your SIM doesn't automatically add it. Turn on your data connection, you can't see MMS on WiFi. Restart, tap on it, you will see whatever pic/vid was sent as a MMS.
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    Interesting... I see that in the Toast notification, but when I tap on it (or go to the Messaging app directly) the video/picture is always right there. I've never had it not show up.
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    Rockstarzzz, I followed your instruction and it worked, thanks for that! Cheers
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