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    So last night my free trial for Xbox music went out, and I couldn't play my songs anymore (obviously). So I decided to buy pass for a month. But after that I could play the songs I already had downloaded. So I turned on and off my phone. And still it wouldn't play. So I decided to check out the store and I could still stream songs and download them, but after downloading them I can't play them... It says it couldn't find my permission (I have my phone in Norwegian, so the error message might not be fully translated). What to do?

    And when I said downloading I mean for offline listening, not buying.
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    Having the EXACT same problem! Music played fine during 30 day free trial. But as soon as it automatically renewed at $9.99/month, the downloaded music wouldn't play. I can download songs to the phone, but they won't play. Streaming works fine. Husband spent over an hour on the phone with support last night to no avail. Tried soft reseting the phone, syncing the microsoft account, removing and re-adding the phone as a device on the account. Nothing! Using a Nokia Lumia 920. VERY FRUSTRATED! Tech support finally recommended restoring the phone to factory settings, which means having to reinstall and re-format everything! Hours worth of work, not to mention loss of game progress. Want to avoid that if possible.
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    I had the same problem about the time my 30 day trial ended. One day couldn't play anything and next day everything was working fine. No explanation but give it a day or so and try again. Might hold off on factory reset. It also would give me an error on locally loaded music, then after about 30 seconds it would start to play. Bug maybe with Xbox? Or just a processing payment error? I have no idea but I haven't had an issue since.
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  4. Bryan_J's Avatar

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    Seriously? Who programmed this thing for them? It just seems like Xbox Music is one snafu after another. Pretty sad. I love Microsoft but this whole media "experience" on WP8 is just sad.
  5. conanheath's Avatar

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    Every manufactures latest, greatest software is half baked. IOS maps, WP Xbox media, BB has had updates pulled within 24hrs of release because of problems. It's the same every where. The salesman promises the world while the engineers trudge through code making them work. Never buy the first year model car or the first Gen technology. It is one headache after another. Consumers have to suffer through the fixes and work around. Next time, I'll wait for it to become yesterday's news and get it cheaper.
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    Has this gotten any better for anyone? I am still not able to listen to my downloaded music. And I still have an active account. GGGRRRR
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    I was chatting with xbox support for two hours, but nothing helped... But my friend did the same thing on his 8x, and he didnt get the problem, so it might have been a bug but it gets fixed in the update!

    The only way that worked for me was to reset my phone......
  8. AR2186's Avatar

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    Fortunately (in hindsight), I had the same problem last night, and was not able to fix it with Xbox support (though they credited me the month of service). It seems to be a DRM issue where the initial license for your phone expires when your free trial does, and won't automatically update when the trial expires and you start paying for the service. I was (luckily) able to figure a workaround that reauthorizes the phone. Prior to fixing it, I had been able to stream songs on Xbox Music but if I downloaded them they didn't work. Now all songs work through streaming and downloading.
    1. Go to Music + Videos, then click music
    2. Scroll to the right until you get to "Songs"
    3. Press the green "All" button and choose "Cloud Collection"
    4. While there was nothing there for me (not sure why not), I then hit the elipses "..." and then the "play button". My phone then tried to play all the Xbox music songs on my phone, but while the first didn't work, it seemingly prompted the xbox music server for a new license and jumped right into the next songs.

    I have an HTC Windows Phone 8x by the way.

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