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  1. scadaman29325b's Avatar

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    Has anyone run across a live tile for fb or twit?

    I'd like one that gives the number of unread tweets or shows the last post...
    Sort of like the wide tile for email or the large tile calendar.

    A similar for time, SMS and weather tile would be nice.

    Thanks, Phil.
  2. kevin2577's Avatar

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    Several twitter apps support live tiles for unread messages, or @replies and support doublewide tiles. Try gleek, or meTweets, and actually even the first party twitter app supports last mentions and new follows on the tile. Facebook app supports notification numbers and status updates on large tile. Also the Me tile built in to WP8 does a pretty great job of aggregating these notifications on a live tile.

    For SMS only the default message app can access your messages, so you have to use it. It supports unread messages and previews the message on the back of the large tile.

    For weather try Amazing Weather, Weather Flow, or Weather Channel

    For clock HTC has a clock live tile app, not sure what third party ones there are on the market
  3. jaqueh's Avatar

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    Be warned but the facebook app tends has major issues with getting rid of the unread notifications count once you've checked them, so I just use people and me instead

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