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    Can anyone recommend an app for redeye fix? Did a quick search but didnt see anything of note. Thanks in advance

    Lumia 810 BTW
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    Have you tried Nokia's Creative Studio? It has a red-eye fix feature.
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    All I see when I open creative studio are the different filters seashell, jade, and what not
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    Tap on the Original which will pull up a save and edit button... tap the edit button and you'll see an adjust page and a fix page... the red eye fix is on the fix page.
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    Haha learn something new everyday thank you!!
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    I have had instances where red-eye is visible but undetectable by Creative Studio, so it could not be fixed. If there are other apps that can do this well, please list.
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    Ya happened to me in the photos I tried to fix. I did have another question on photography. I know about smart shoot and its a nice program. My wife took some shots at my boys birthday well needless to say in one he looks awesome and I don't in the other I look good he doesn't is there a way to swap faces for these pics? I know that's the idea for smart shoot but of course she didn't use that taking the photos.
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    I use Thumba

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