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    Do you think it would ever happen? Before anyone mentions the Playstation phone it was poorly done with very hardware inferior to current phones. If the Vita was a phone I'd so have one right now.

    Anways the possible option of having a full gamepaded phone run by WP8 or RT, large screen, higher than current mobile specs with market full of original Xbox game ever going to happen? I don't get why companies are soo afraid to try a real gaming cell phone. As big as gaming has gotten on cell phones a good built in gamepad phone would be great for those who are into gaming.
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    Microsoft are rumored to be doing more "Surface" devices, some are quite small, who knows. If they do anything new with a gaming device, perhaps it will be when they launch the new Xbox console. Maybe a companion device/tablet combo? RB
  3. I Spiritus I's Avatar

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    I really do hope so. I have seen the rumour too about a Xbox Tablet device, so hopefully they will have some sort of phone too!
  4. sdrawkcabII's Avatar

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    According to The Verge, Microsoft is rumored to be working on an Xbox Surface 7" tablet. It could be a great idea, once implemented and marketed well.

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