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  1. ArtDB's Avatar

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    Is there an option that must be enabled for the app update notifications to appear on the phone? I never receive the "update available" indicator until I search the Marketplace for an app that I already have installed and then back out to the main Marketplace page.
  2. manunitedfan5's Avatar

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    Same thing started happening to me, I think it's just a bug hopefully it will be fixed
  3. paulm187's Avatar

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    I've got the same thing, I've factory reset and also removed my phone from windowsphone.com. Will wait and see if the problem resolves itself
  4. NickyNichols's Avatar

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    I have this same issue. If anyone has a solution, please share!
  5. michail71's Avatar

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    I thought apps were not being updated. Then I saw 20 updates show up at once. When I checked the last updated dates many of them were up to a week old.
  6. craigy18181's Avatar

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    Can't say I have this problem, it can certainly take a wee while to appear but it always appears with number of updates eventually on the 820. My wife never uses the store and always gets update notifications as well.
  7. michail71's Avatar

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    I find out about the app updates from the articles on here first. However, I get the feeling that the download app links I've followed from the WPCentral app don't seem to count as having been updated when they finally do hit the app store. I had 3 apps I updated from here that then showed up as app store updates again.
  8. ArtDB's Avatar

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    IDK who opened the floodgate, but thanks! I just received a notice that I had 20 updates waiting for me. It's a Christmas miracle!
  9. RobEllis's Avatar

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    Have you been using mostly wifi, and just recently been on cell connection instead? I read another thread that suggested that may be an issue, where store update notifications don't come down over wifi.

    If that is the case, its either a bug, or a step backwards, because they work fine on WP7 on wifi.
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