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    Just curious. *shrug*
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    I like the FB app, the latest update made is much faster
  3. Mosov's Avatar

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    FB has many glitches for me...how do I update it manually?
  4. ticktock5's Avatar

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    It's a bit faster and notifications are improved. But it's still terrible and missing basic features found in the iOS and android versions.
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    Faster, but I think that all the notifications I was getting were causing some battery drain. I have uninstalled for a couple of days to see and will reinstall to test my theory. With it uninstalled battery life has been really good.
  6. cameradork's Avatar

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    Definitely faster than it was. Still have to refresh manually to get new notifications and Live Tile is still showing 60-80 unread notifications at all times when I know for a fact I have zero. So it's usable, but not something to rely on and nowhere approaching the functionality of the iOS or Android version.
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    Is there any way to keep it from refreshing after you go back from viewing a post? Its really annoying when you go back and have to scroll through a hundred posts just to get back where you were. I tried turning off the "shake to refresh" but no luck.
  8. Loumedia's Avatar

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    Go to touch.facebook.com and pin it to your home screen. They Just updated it and its so much better than the Microsoft version. I came from an iphone and really missed the look and feel of their facebook app. Check it out
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    If it's one thing IOS has, was a damn good facebook app.

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