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    I have the HTC 8x phone and a Windows 8 desktop running 8 Pro. Is there a way to get my phone to act as a remote control for my desktop playlist; just simple volume control and skip or repay kind of stuff. I messed with on a DJ music or something like that I find the interface for Xbox music more friendlier to use (with some big misses of course). I do not own an XBOX 360. Just using my desktop to play the music. and would like to control some basic features from my phone


    Second question, if you buy from MS Music Store, are there DRM sounds or MP3/WMA files that I can transfer to my phone if I choice.

    I know for the longest time Apple files were DRM licensed crap but I believe they pulled away from that recently, right.

    I have their subscription plan but The Hobbit is not included :( 9.99 to purchase a 2CD soundtrack is fine if I don't run into problem with where I can plan these files....
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    ^ same Q here. I wish smartglass worked wp8-2-win8 & win8-2-win8 not just win8-xbox & wp8-2-xbox
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    Would be awesome if Smartglass becomes a remote for more devices in the ecosystem!

    Verstuurd van mijn Nexus 7 met Tapatalk
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    Try one of the PC remote apps off the store.
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    There is an app which allow you to control the web version of xbox music Browser Requirements - Xbox Music
    mMusic Remote Xbox Music | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

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