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    This is ridiculous, now we have no YouTube at all. MS either release a software or sue Google for unfair trade practices.
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    Unfair trade practice? Its their app and if they don't want people using it on WP, it's their choice. I personally don't care about YouTube.
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    No, actually according to EU law, it is not legal for Google to exclude clients on the basis of using a device from a competitor. MS should sue!
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    If you use metrotube sometimes "preloading" the videos on the phone will get it to play. But its a huge hassle. I just use the website even though it sucks :\
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    Ugh, if you've watched HD videos using 3rd party clients, you'll find that the HQ option on the YouTube's mobile site so much inferior.

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    If I use IE in desktop mode I can watch Youtube Videos... In fact Google is really blocking WP.
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