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    I got my Nokia Lumia 820 just over a month ago and overall I'm really happy with it. Previously I had a Nokia SuperNova 7510, so I can't compare WP8 to an iPhone or Android phone. Like I said, I'm happy overall with it, but there are a couple things that I would love tweaked. If somebody knows where I can submit these suggestions to the WP8 team, that would be appreciated.

    1. On my 7510, I could set up different ringing profiles, indoor, outdoor, silent etc. The best part of these profiles was the ability to switch to one for a defined period of time. For example if I was in a movie theatre, I could change to silent mode and have it set to automatically switch back to normal mode at 9:00 p.m. when I expected the movie to end. I didn't have to remember to turn it back to normal mode myself and miss calls etc. That is a small but really great feature.

    2. I can't set a custom reminder time for calendar items on the phone. I can if I use outlook.com and sync my phone, but that's a pain. Since I can set a custom duration for the same item, I don't think it should be that hard to update it so I can set a custom reminder time.
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    I can't help you with the first one ...
    the second one is easy , Open calendar choose a date and time and write your appointment after you wrote it down click on the little pencil (edit) and then scroll down More info ... there's a reminder option which you can set to your custom needs.
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    1. No can do, man.
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    Thanks for the suggestion about setting the reminder, but you can only choose from a list of preset times. One can't choose two hours for example because that's not on the list. Also, I can't modify a custom reminder time that was set via outlook.com on the phone.

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