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    Does anyone know the mystery of how the phone checks the store for updates? For instance, how often does it check and is there a way to trigger a check for all apps instead of one at a time? I've seen it pick up on updates that are sometimes a week old.

    They way it's designed now is rather stubborn and mysterious. I don't understand why there isn't a manual option in the store to check for updates.
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    Agreed, is there something I am missing?
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    Yes, I have a problem...
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    I notice I get updates for multiple/all apps when i have my phone charging on wifi
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    i also have this question. i do not really know which app has updates until i go to store and check each app....:((((((
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    same here, don't know of any updates unless I visit this site or check the store manually. It was working fine when I first got my lumia though

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