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    I was meeting my Prof today. He is 56. He has two kids, 6 yr old boy and 8 yr old girl. He own iPhone 5. Has updated his iPhones religiously with each version - for him and his wife. He owns iPad2 as well.

    We were discussing something and I had to show him a document, PDF I saved on my Skydrive. We had his iPad2 that couldn't connect to his home WiFi so I offered to look up on my phone using 3g. I whipped out my pacman Lumia 920. Unlocked the screen. The girl who was playing with her new Christmas toys shouted "Is that a Windows Phone?".

    As you expect, I was shocked! I replied yes, it is. Do you know this phone? I was browsing my Skydrive and the boy came upto me saying "Yes we do. Dad can pin me and Alice on his phone so he can see our photo all day. And also call mum by touching her face (I think he meant photo)."

    Aim of my thread, these kids didn't learn all these from iPhone fanatic mum and dad. They saw it on telly. They even know about live tiles and pinning.

    Do you think, Microsoft is doing something write about marketing Windows Phone this time around compared to Windows Phone 7 or is it still not enough?

    This is in London. How is it in rest of the world?
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    Similar experience... but from my brother who isn't a smartphone user by any stretch. Checked the weather on my 920 and it caught his attention. Asked if that was the phone Gwen Steffanie is using. He tinkered with it, thought it was cool and then asked about the different models.

    I think the wide range of celebrity endorsements, challenges, and other publicity events has helped. The only thing I think we really need is a mascot or symbol that can be easily associated with Windows Phone. Apple has the apple and Android has the robot.... sure we have the window symbol but is that for Windows or Windows Phone?
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  3. 1jaxstate1's Avatar

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    Strange. I think the marketing has been awesome. I see WP commercials non stop while watch football and basketball. But I think I notice them more because I'm a fan of WP. Other people don't seem to get it. I've had numerous people pretty much shout "WOW WHAT TYPE OF PHONE IS THAT" when they see my phone. They ask question like "can I get that phone for under $200 on contract?" I'm rocking a old Nokia Lumia 900. I just don't get what's missing. Everyone who's seen my phone and played with it absolutely loved the OS. I find it odd that they don't know what WP is.

    [USA, Huntsville, AL]
  4. stmav's Avatar
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    I agree with jax that we notice them because we're users. But I do think that the marketing is having some effect. My wife is the admin/finance for the facilities dept of a large company. So she works with a lot of plumbers, electricians, metal workers, etc. Not exactly tech people. But the first day she went to work with her wp and had it on her desk, she said just about all the guys came up and asked her if that was one of those windows phones and they all played with it. One even got one within a week.

    So the word is getting out there. This is in Dallas, Tx.
  5. Nataku4ca's Avatar

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    "call mum by touching her face"
    ROFL :D

    i think it's definitely alot better than previous attempts, i actually met a few people using wp this go around and had people asking about it, the Metrotown Microsoft Kiosk definitely helped with that as well, hopefully they will make that a permanent location or open a store up (a couple stores are closing, pretty sure MS can take those spots)
  6. Scorpio5x0's Avatar

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    Microsoft has definitely been doing a better job of marketing for once. I have even been impressed with Verizon finally marketing their phones. In the states you cant watch a Football game without being bombarded by Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Surface RT commercials. With Windows Phone 7, I don't remember any commercials marketing my HTC Trophy. In my opinion a good thing, it at least gets people thinking and considering the product.
  7. Reflexx's Avatar

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    The the Meet Your Match ads starting to play before movie trailers, we'll start noticing that even more people will start to understand what WP is.

    But it's already better than it once was. Before, nobody had any idea what my phone was. It was like, "What's that?"

    Now, it's, "Is that the new Windows Phone?" Though, admittedly, the geekier ones ask like I'm holding a jar with the plague in it. Like if they get too close they'll get infected and start liking it too. So they keep their distance and almost lean back a little.
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  8. diapers's Avatar

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    I had a similar experience when I went to visit my sister for christmas. Her twins are about 11years old and they got laptops for christmas, windows 8 laptops. They were using metro, installing apps and had zero problems with it. I was thinking to myself, in a few years all the "old people" will be asking where the "icons" are while the younglings will be swiping up and down wondering why we bothered to use icons in the first place.
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    It surely is much better compared to Windows Phone 7 as many of us have noticed. With WP7, it wasn't known what phone is that and now all of a sudden it's become "New" Windows Phone! - old veterans, remember, we knew this phone before it was hip or cool to own ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winning Guy View Post
    The the Meet Your Match ads starting to play before movie trailers, we'll start noticing that even more people will start to understand what WP is.
    I saw this today and think this is huge. I don't watch commercials unless it is during sports and even then I record for about the first 60-90 minutes so I can skip through as many commercials as possible. At the movies I am really forced to watch the commercials. You don't talk and there is a protocol about not using your phone so I don't have anything else to do. These commercials are informative and really help people see the OS in action. Very good decision by Microsoft.
  11. socialcarpet's Avatar

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    I think they are doing a decent job of marketing. When I first bought my Lumia 900, only a few people I know knew what it was. By the time I upgraded to a 920 though, nearly all of them seemed to have some awareness about Windows Phone and to have a favorable impression of the 920.

    More advertising and promotion is always better of course though. I think there is plenty of room for more promotion there. I'd like to see Microsoft run some more TV spots about Windows Phone instead of leaving it all up to the manufacturers and carriers (heaven forbid) to promote it.
  12. TeknoBlast's Avatar

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    Well, my experience hasnt been grand like everyone else here. Everyone I interact with are iPhone and Droid fans, which is fine, but dont like that they dismiss WP because MS developed the OS.
  13. msdugn's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winning Guy View Post
    The the Meet Your Match ads starting to play before movie trailers, we'll start noticing that even more people will start to understand what WP is.
    This is great news! I always thought the only thing they could do better to market Windows Phone was to get these Meet Your Match ads in front of more eyeballs. Having them run in theaters before movies is just what this ovement needs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by msdugn View Post
    This is great news! I always thought the only thing they could do better to market Windows Phone was to get these Meet Your Match ads in front of more eyeballs. Having them run in theaters before movies is just what this ovement needs!
    Is this a wish or is it really going to happen in the US?
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    As a person who doesn't have cable, the majority of my exposure is the Net. I am on tech sites all the time, and there are Surface and windows 8/phone 8 banners and ads everywhere. I don't really think much of them as they are tech sites.

    However....when I go over to my closest friends house and when I went home for Christmas and watch the tube, i can't go 5 minutes without seeing an ad for either WP8, Surface, or Windows 8. It's everywhere, and i'm glad of it. It's what this movement needed.



    (Massachusetts/Connecticut, USA)

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