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    Opened s note on all the phones and typed "GET A WINDOWS PHONE", then locked them.
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    Haha. Good stuff!
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    Awesome! Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by iPwnza View Post
    Opened s note on all the phones and typed "GET A WINDOWS PHONE", then locked them.
    Interesting how harsh your posts about competiting phones are, but you feel compelled to engage in antics to encourage others to buy what you bought. I get the impression that you're extremely insecure about your purchase and you're trying really hard to suppress buyer's remorse.

    Can't say I've ever seen android or iphone users do stuff like this but I suppose the reason is there's just no need to combined with the owners having a lot of confidence in their purchase.
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    Yeah, 'cause childish pranks are awesome, right?
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    Uh oh..the fun police are out!
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    Nothing in thread that will further the good of the community.

    Thread closed

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