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  • 2 Post By WindowsPhone8User
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    This will be coming soon.
    Uses new WP8 speech API, just long press the windows key:

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    Best of luck with it! I hope its delightful :)
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    When is this going to be released, looks really cool. Does it have a name?
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    Unfortunately these kind of apps are usually about useless due to profond integration.
    Everything you can ask them to do can be done faster by yourself because they can access only basic features (which are the easiest to reach using your fingers!).

    Prove me wrong, I'd really like to see a new kind of app which wont be limited to giving me time and weather (or launching music in the best cases).
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    It already exists, sorry to say. Nice initiative though.

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    Why wouldn't you aspire to something better than Siri?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlm1950 View Post
    Why wouldn't you aspire to something better than Siri?
    Agree. Siri is terrible. My wife and daughters have iPhones and they have found it to correctly understand a question 10% of the time. Shoot for 20% and you will beat Siri.

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