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    Its been a week since I got the HTC 8x and its working fine, though the Facebook app was a pain, good thing for me was that I knew it wasn't just me XD.

    Now .. Going to settings > applications > background tasks ... Will show you a list of the apps that will keep running in the background .. I was able to black some of them to minimize the battery drain, but it seems that the Facebook app is Locked in " blocked" state .. No matter what I did, so I thought to share that with you to see if you got it also the saneas me.. Hope to hear from you guys..

    Thank you for passing by..
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    Lucky it's in blocked state. For me it is in allowed state and no matter what I do it stays so. It's glitchy.
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    Do you resave any notifications from Facebook ? I don't, but after posting this I reinstalled the app and got the app stats to allowed .. I think I started to see some updates, not sure if it was the problem though.
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    Yes, I do get all the updates from facebook within 10-15 seconds of post.
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    The background task for Facebook is only for the lockscreen image updates. If you don't use it, you cannot unblock it.

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