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    Ok, this is really frustrating as it was so simple in WP7....

    Has anyone figured out how to make a playlist from their locally stored mp3 files (not through xbox music / cloud BS)?

    I have, however, discovered that if you right click on a folder within the Music folder on your phone in Windows Explorer there is an option to "Create Playlist". It does work and the playlist shows up on the phone but it is not customizable and is really counter-intuitive as you have to copy a bunch of mp3 and take up valuable space to accomplish this. I believe it creates a .pls file.

    If anyone could help me, I would be eternally greatful.
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    Add all the songs desired to now playing and then from the now playing screen tap the ... And hit save as playlist.
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    Yeah, I was actually aware of that method but found it to be a little tedious. It also doesn't allow for one to add more to an existing playlist. Hopefully 8.5 activates that playlist area in the Windows 8 Windows Phone App.

    Thanks, though.
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    looks like the best way to do this is through windows media player...this is just sad though...cant do it on xbox music, cant do it through the windows phone app...what is going on ms...this giant tool that worked amazingly called zune you disable from working and give us half assed programs that don't do anything
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    ok, I was frustrated too till I found someone here advising to try MusicBee, I just tried it .. totally solved my music problems .. playlists, artworks, Meta data, autosync .. basically everything.
    try and let me know. :)
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    if you can play a song from one artist with only one song, then play it, afterwhich you select the songs in the songs list - clicking on the leftmost part of the song, beside the title and choose songs you want to add in a playlist, then add them to the playing list then save it as a playlist. unfortunately, the one song you played first is automatically added to the playlist, it can not be edited or whatsoever. sad. hope this will be enhanced.
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    Found a quite simple workaround. First off go into xbox music on phone, go into songs, tick one song you want in a new playlist, click add to now playing (so its just the one song) when it starts click create playlist. If you scroll to playlist you now have a named playlist. You can now use stop music app and create another playlist etc all with just one song...

    The reason? Well now plug phone into pc, and using the file explorer go into phone, music, playlists... The playlists are there, click on them and it will open up properties... Then this is the easy bit... Just drag and drop any music you like from phone into playlist.... Finally playlists on my phone!!!

    - How to make new playlists on w8
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    i like to connect my phone to my pc then navigate to the music folder. select all the songs i want by holding down ctrl and clicking on them. then right click one of the ones i selected and select create playlist. you can also rename the playlist. then if i want to add another song to that playlist later from my phone all i have to do is start a song in my phone from the playlist, then go to the song i want to add to the playlist and add it to now playing then save the playlist.
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    I use iTunes to manage my music and playlists and then use the Windows Phone Desktop app to sync it to my phone. Works perfectly.
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    I've started using mediamonkey to organise the music on my phone as the Windows 8 sync is a mess. Makes creating playlists better. Doing it on the phone is painful
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philippe Maes View Post
    I use iTunes to manage my music and playlists and then use the Windows Phone Desktop app to sync it to my phone. Works perfectly.
    It's great that it works, and is helpful, but it's also kind of hilarious and sad, no?
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    I have all my music on my PC and just plug my phone into the USB open the drives file browser make a folder in my music folder and save the songs I want in the playlist .. Takes 2 mins

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