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    Hi all,

    I have had the my windows phone since Christmas 12. I like my Lumia 920 but i have a few complains/issues. May be some of you might have had the same issues.

    1) Pictures with a light source in the background are sub par.
    2) I know this is a Nokia problem but Nokia Drive doesn't list directions, terrible at re-routing. Is there a reliable alternative?
    3) Every once in a while when I go to music + videos tile and try to play (unpause) a song that was paused earlier, it OPENS WhatsApp.
    4) Battery life is just 12-15 hours. If use Nokia drive and music + videos tile then it's a lot less.

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    Themore programs you have open that use location and playing music the more drain on your battery and if you have a bunch of apps that can run in the background that you are not reallyusing you should turn them of as background as they will use up battery resources. I have a charger at home and at the office and in the car as needed during the day so I dont worry about battery life much.

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