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    I can remember in the Windows Phone summit they were talking about a feature where people could subscribe to get software updates earlier. I tried to find out where that was mentioned, but I haven't found something for now. Can you remember? What happened to this feature of WP8?
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    Carriers killed it I believe.
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    Apple was, is and always will be the only company to get away with that. They kind of strong armed their way into it and I don't think anybody else will every be able to cut the carriers out. It was good marketing at the time for MS.
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    Another broken promise from MS... And don't tell me it's the carriers fault: here in Europe carriers have less of a say when it comes to updates than in the US, yet the portico update for the Lumia 920 is coming in February, while it came in the US at the beginning of December!
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    Same here in Singapore where carriers are not allowed to lock down phones. Still no Portico though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visceral Monkey View Post
    Carriers killed it I believe.

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