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  • 1 Post By vedichymn
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    I am wondering if anyone else has this problem. Whenever I go to the Windows Phone store on the web (after clicking the links to download Where's My Water/Where's My Perry from the wpcentral article, for example) and click on 'Install' it takes me to a page that says it will download the app to my phone, and then I click on 'Get App'.

    On my wife's phone (Lumia 920) it automatically starts downloading the app on her phone; however, on my phone (also a Lumia 920) I get a message saying that the app can't be downloaded to my phone and then it sends me an email with the link to the app. Then I have to open that email on the phone and click the link to go the store on the phone and download it from there manually. Any idea how I can fix that or why it does that?
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    Do you have the "Send apps to my phone using push notifications" box unchecked under settings -> find my phone?
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    Awesome! I didn't know that setting existed. :)
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    I'm having the same issue but that option is simply not there, vedichymn.

    I only have one slider and that's the use of Find My Phone, which is on.

    Is this a firmware specific issue? I'm not yet on portico
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    All I can add is that I am on portico, but since I didn't even know it existed before vedichymn helped me out I can't say if it was there before or not.
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    Find My Phone shows as "Off" in the Settings Menu, but it appears to be On

    This thread seems to be suggesting that pre-portico int'l phones don't yet have those 2 options. I'll try flashing Portico in a few days and report back
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    find my phone > push to notification is checked even then its not downloading to phone .... am onl receving the mail
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    sorry to bump an old topic, but I haven't been able to download apps from windowsphone.com either without getting them sent in an email. I feel like this problem started ever since I started using the dev preview of 8.1. Any suggestions?

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