1. nander's Avatar
    A few days ago I noticed that after syncing my 920 with my computer, one of my albums appeared twice. Yesterday after syncing some new music onto it, the same album now appeared three times, with different songs of the full album in each 'album'. Then this issue replicated itself with a bunch of other albums (put some screenshots at the end of the post) and it's just really irritating when I want to listen to THAT specific album, especially my dubstep since it's all mixed up. On my Lumia 800, this issue is nonexistent, and I have no idea why. I synced the 800 just after the 920 and it's working just fine, does anyone else have this issue or no how to fix this? I looked it up before posting and the link posted in the thread was dead :/
    01-18-2013 03:33 PM
  2. vedichymn's Avatar
    Do you have an Xbox Music pass? See what happens if you go to music -> settings and turn off "Xbox Music cloud collection".
    01-18-2013 04:14 PM
  3. erasure25's Avatar
    Assuming these are all supposed to be physical files on your phone and not cloud: How are you syncing your music? I had a problem like this too because I was using Windows Media Player to sync a playlist, but then I started removing and adding tracks via Windows Explorer and the Desktop Windows Phone App. All of this caused some confusion in my WP8. Appears to be some kind of indexing issue because I only had 1 file of a song, but it would show up multiple times with "unknown" in certain fields of the MP3 tag information.

    To fix, I went into my phone's music hub, swiped over to song, manually checked all song items for deletion. Then I re-synced all the music I wanted. I think the trick is that you should stick to using one method to manage your music. If you use WMP, use only that and don't use Explorer or the Desktop WP8 App.
    01-18-2013 07:01 PM
  4. nander's Avatar
    I use OSX so all my music is on iTunes, and I just use the connector app to sync what I want. I haven't been able to find a way to manually drag over songs through finder. I'm deleting the bad albums now and it keeps making me delete songs I just deleted, I really hope it's a bug they fixed in the upcoming update.

    *Edit: I re-synced the deleted stuff and everything is back to normal except for the GKMC album which is still splitting up the songs into two different albums, no idea why this is happening :/
    01-18-2013 07:21 PM
  5. vinumathew's Avatar
    by looking at the screenshots, if you got different Album Artist, the albums will arrange separately. The easy fix is use a MP3 tag editor and edit the album artist and resync
    01-18-2013 08:14 PM

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