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    Anyone else experience lag in the app store and the native music app? Like clicking a song to play and there is like 1sec lag instead of the usual smoothness in wp7
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    Yeah you´re very right i have this Problem, too, only in marketplace and Music app.
  3. miki20021's Avatar

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    here aswell.
  4. sachinvermarip's Avatar

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    sometimes :/
    after restart, it is normal again,
  5. zokstar's Avatar

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    yeh same!
  6. Sahilsandhir's Avatar

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    All platforms have that. I use an iPhone, android(both 2012 high end models) stutter in their AppStore because the phone has to pull a lot of content from the internet(which, depending on ur connection, can be slow at times). But music app does stutter but it shouldn't. My guess would be that it has something to do with the memory read speeds(which is basically software problems).
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    There was a thread about this recently, I think there were many, many posts like this already ;-)

    Music app sluggish?

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