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    I came across these 18 feature requests that have already been declined. Most of them seem to be generic "Nope, not happening for WP7.8" types.


    When I made my decision to get Lumia 920, sell my Lumia 800 and HTC Titan, I was all hyped up. Then WP7.8 started to look good and I was sure those who controlled their pulse-buying and stayed with WP7.5 made a better choice.

    However, now that it is very clear that WP7.8 isn't getting many features, many folks still hope for, it is a good time for them to join WP8 bandwagon, provided you are not a Lumia 900 owner!
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    I agree - WP8 is a very worthwhile upgrade. There's a lot of small things I like, the only thing that I really don't like is the lack of Zune. It hurts to think about it.
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    I have had big time withdrawal symptoms with Xbox Music but now am getting used to it ;)
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