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  • 2 Post By snowmutt
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  1. snowmutt's Avatar

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    I always am impressed with those of you that got people to try and switch to WP. The way I look at it, we are the most important commercials our favorite OS has. If we want to have our OS in the next few years become the developed, supported system that it can be, then we need to talk it up.

    I have mentioned a few times I am a boiler operator. I work and repair large boilers for a hospital. We have a third party boiler inspection team come n once a year and inspect and test our systems. The owner of our inspection company is a great guy and has himself a fantastic business, employing about 20 inspectors and other employees.

    I have been talking to him for about a year and a half about WP and how it syncs to Windows. He has needed to update his phones and computers. I really only see him a few times a year and did not think he would actually listen.

    Well, this week we talked, and he got himself a HTC 8X (his company and family are on Verizon), and after a few questions, he is really warming up to it. He is a little irritated about having to synch to the cloud, but has slowly gotten used to it and is liking the advantages. When he comes by next month, he is going to go over some ideas and test some things out with the only other WP owner he knows: Me. If he likes it, he intends to update all his work computers to Windows 8 and work phones to WP8.

    All I know is: keep talking it up. I never recommend WP to anyone I do not think will enjoy it. But I do my best to brag on it. Keep believing gang!! You never know when it will pay off.
  2. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
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    It's worked for me. I've persuaded people to at the very least give WP a look in. And left an iPhone 4S user jealous because my Nokia has Office on it.
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