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    Hi there, upgraded to portico today and then shortly after updated my kindle app.. Unfortunately now my kindle app refuses to open just keeps throwing me back to menu screen. Anyone else having this issue or better yet have a solution?
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    Uninstall, reinstall.
  3. VoodooKing#WP's Avatar

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    Reboot the phone and try again. If it still doesn't work, Uninstall and reinstall the app and it should work.
  4. DReevell's Avatar

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    You'll probably need to uninstall/reinstall...at least that what I did to make it work for me. :-\
  5. namitchouhan's Avatar

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    did not get portico yet. but after the update I had to uninstall and reinstall it. worked for me. also I only use kindle to read comic books. anyone has any idea if amazon are gonna support that for the windows phone 8 anytime soon.
  6. BPuk's Avatar

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    Had this as well and the below worked for me.

    Like above, uninstall the existing app first. Reboot phone then reinstall Kindle app and all should be well.

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