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    Just saw the awesome thread about about Sonic CD being free for Lumia owners.

    Once I downloaded the app I promptly tired to share the app with my two friends that also own Lumia 920's.

    Trying to think of the easiest way to let them know I tapped the 'Games' tile and long-pressed the game title to see if there was a share option...and discovered that crazily enough there is not?!
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    Just search the app in the marketplace, then share it from the app bar that way.

    Kind of stupid of MS, got to admit.
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    That moment when you want to create a playlist on your phone. Step 1: Get a single song on the now playing list....fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Step 2: Accidentally add a song you didnt want, realize you cant remove from now playing list.
    Step 3: Give up, just give up.
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